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1. Finding your cartridges

If you know the printer model number, simply type it in the “search your product” search bar available in the header section as shown below.

Finding your cartridges

Also, try variations while searching for the product to find your exact requirement. Eg. "Brother LC900C", "LC 900 C", "LC 900C"

You can use the drop-down menus that will narrow your choices until you can see your printer listed.

2. Discounts & Offers

We will regularly introduce new offers and discount codes, please keep checking for the latest offers, these can be found in any emails we may send you of our new products or services, newsletters if you subscribe, flyers online and or our social media pages.

When completing your purchase simply enter the discount code and the discount will be applied at check out.

Entering discount codes:

1. In the shopping cart, you will find the below space to enter the code:

In the shopping cart, you will find the below space to enter the code

2. Should your discount code be accepted, the details would appear as shown in the picture below. It will also display the amount of discount you will get on your purchase.

Should your discount code be accepted Should your discount code be accepted

3. If an error message is displayed when a code has been entered the message displayed below will be shown. Please cross-check the code and try again, also check for any expiry date for coupon or look out for another discount coupon, because we are always offering discounts.

Should your discount code be accepted


Below is a list of all the payment cards we accept.

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Visa
  • Visa Electron
  • MasterCard
  • American Express

Card payments are accepted online 24 hours a day.

Card payments are accepted online 24 hours a day

Inks & Toners

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we want to ensure you have an enjoyable shopping experience with us. All of the products listed on our site are of high quality and meet the mandatory premium standards. We ensure that the ink cartridges and toners are both economical and environmentally friendly.

Read the installation instructions and the printer’s manual carefully prior to installing a new cartridge. Ensure that the cartridge tape has been removed before you use it.

If you have any concerns or queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ink Cartridges

While installing a cartridge if you need technical assistance please contact one of our customer service agents.

Please check to ensure the correct model number has been ordered prior to removing any protective tape as this may affect your right to return the item should it not fit correctly.

Cartridges can vary in their appearance depending upon the manufacturer. As long as you are sure you have the right piece or we have stated that a cartridge is suitable for your printer on our website,

Toner Cartridges

Most of the toner cartridges are suitable to be used in different printers. If the manufacturer hasn’t listed your model, you may cross check it on our website and compare the results.

Prior to installation all the protective clips must be removed so that the cartridge fits in correctly inside the printer.

Incompatible, Not Recognized, General Errors

Most cartridge errors are caused due to a communication breakdown between the printer and the chip on the cartridge. You can try a simple solution to fix this.

  • First, take out all the cartridges out of the printer including those that are working.
  • Put back the cartridge that’s creating the problem first. If the black cartridge is giving you trouble, put it inside the printer first.
  • Switch off the printer and unplug it for approximately 10 minutes.
  • Turn on the printer back on. Insert the other cartridge.
  • Turn off the printer again without unplugging it for about thirty seconds.
  • If your printer takes more than two cartridges, repeat steps 4 and 5 until they are all installed.

After the completion of all the steps listed above you should be able to start printing. If you still experience any problems, please contact one of our customer service agents who will be happy to assist.