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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us, any information collected through the enquiry and or  ordering process will be processed in accordance with principles of The Data Protection Act 1998.

During the enquiry and ordering process we will obtain personal information you disclose to us, this information may be passed to third parties such as our vendors and couriers so they can process and or deliver your order in an efficient and secure manner. You may ask at any time for information regarding your order including the names of any companies we may use to process your order on our behalf.

The information we hold will be kept secure, accurate and up to date. You can check at anytime what  information that we hold about you by emailing us. If you find any discrepancies do let us know so we can correct the information immediately. All personal information which we hold will be held in accordance with The Data Protection Act 1998. If we need to transfer your information outside the EEA (European Economic Area) we will always obtain your written consent first and ensure they have the relevant legislation in place to safeguard your personal data.

To help us understand purchasing patterns and trends we use cookies on our website. The cookie will enable us to display our site correctly and work more efficiently to ensure you get the best shopping experience.

If you are not comfortable with the cookie being stored on your browser, you can modify your browser settings to prevent this from happening.

The information collected in this way can not be used to identify you.  If you have any questions/comments about our privacy statement, you can e-mail us at

Information Security Policy handles sensitive cardholder information daily. Sensitive Information must have adequate safeguards in place to protect the cardholder data, cardholder privacy, and to ensure compliance with various regulations, along with guarding the future of the organisation. commits to respecting the privacy of all its customers and to protecting any customer data from outside parties. To this end management are committed to maintaining a secure environment in which to process cardholder information so that we can meet these promises.

Employees handling sensitive cardholder data should ensure:

  • Handle Company and cardholder information in a manner that fits with their sensitivity and classification.
  • Limit personal use of information and telecommunication systems and ensure it doesn’t interfere with your job performance.
  • reserves the right to monitor, access, review, audit, copy, store, or delete any electronic communications, equipment, systems and network traffic for any purpose.
  • Do not use e-mail, internet and other Company resources to engage in any action that is offensive, threatening, discriminatory, defamatory, slanderous, pornographic, obscene, harassing or illegal.
  • Do not disclose personnel information unless authorised.
  • Protect sensitive cardholder information.
  • Keep passwords and accounts secure.
  • Request approval from management prior to establishing any new software or hardware, third party connections, etc.
  • Do not install unauthorised software or hardware, including modems and wireless access unless you have explicit management approval.
  • Always leave desks clear of sensitive cardholder data and lock computer screens when unattended.
  • Information security incidents must be reported, without delay, to the individual responsible for incident response locally – Please find out who this is.

We each have a responsibility for ensuring our company’s systems and data are protected from unauthorised access and improper use. If you are unclear about any of the policies detailed herein you should seek advice and guidance from your line manager.