Better The Ink, Finer The Work

How to spend less on your printer ink cartridges

Cutting down on your printer ink usage may not be as hard as it seems!

save on printing costs

Follow these 7 tips to use your inkjet or laser printer as efficiently as possible

These days it’s very common to find that your initial outlay on a printer pales into insignificance when compared to how much you are spending on the ink cartridges themselves. It goes without saying you should investigate carefully what your ink costs are going to be before your commit to purchase a printer, as a bargain priced printer often means higher priced ink. 

Whatever brand you go for, it makes sense to make your ink or toner go as far as possible:

1. Font type - You might want to check the font type, which is usually Times New Roman or Arial, and change it to Calibri or Century Gothic. Just by altering the font, in the long run you could save yourself more than just a few pennies, especially in a corporate setup. The same applies with font size. 

2. Draft mode - If you do not have to produce high quality material like monthly reports or project material, you are better off using the draft or econo print mode which makes the print lighter overall. With this setting you'll find ink usage goes down and print speeds increase significantly.

3. Depending on your printer model, you might find generic or compatible cartridges at much lower prices - check out our range of cheapest printer inks.

4. Print only the content required - many of us don't realise that when we hit the print button from our web browser, we are printing the colour sucking ads and images too. Instead, many websites let you select the printer friendly version by eliminating all the ads and leaving behind with the important text only.

5. Print in black and white if you can!

6. Upgrade your printer - probably not want you want to hear, but modern printers are almost always more economical than they're more aged predecessors.