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Compatible HP 6657 Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge (C6657AE)

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  • Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge
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Compatible HP 6657 Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge (C6657AE) Details

Compatible HP H-6657 Tri-Colour Ink Cartridgeis widely compatible with large range of printers which promises a long-lasting usage. Its cost-effective character makes the Tri-Colour HP H-6657a popular product amongst customers. It guarantees 'pixel-perfect' printing with no smudging and a maximum paper yielding capacity. The cartridge is designed to be convenient and affordable to use as it includes a cartridge chip for easy installation. Make big savings with theH-6657while you pay less during check out.

Save with Compatible HP H-6657 Tri-Colour Ink Cartridges

Firstinks prides on providing Ink Cartridge that are affordable and high in quality. TheH-6657provides brilliant printing experience with highest paper yielding capacity and a prolonged lifeline of the cartridge. It provides a cost-effective and a quality printing solution. TheHPH-6657is a customer-preferred product that has been one of the best-sellers at Firstinks, a leading provider of inks and toners in the UK, ensuring durability and reliability of the products and offering quick delivery to your doorstep.


ColourTri Colour
Capacity8 ml
Duty CycleApprox. 500 pages @ 5% average coverage
Product TypeInk Cartridge
BrandFirstInks Compatible HP

This item is guaranteed to work in the following printers

HP Deskjet 450 HP Deskjet 5100 HP Deskjet 5145
HP Deskjet 5550v HP Deskjet 5551 HP Deskjet 6110
HP Deskjet 9660 HP Officejet 6100 HP Officejet 6127
HP Officejet 6612 HP Photosmart 7100 HP Photosmart 7130
HP Photosmart 7150v HP Photosmart 7300 HP PSC 1210L
HP PSC 1213 HP Deskjet 450c HP Deskjet 5150
HP Deskjet 5150c HP Deskjet 5151 HP Deskjet 5160
HP Deskjet 5168 HP Deskjet 5550 HP Deskjet 5552
HP Deskjet 5650 HP Deskjet 5650v HP Deskjet 5650W
HP Deskjet 5652 HP Deskjet 5655 HP Deskjet 5850
HP Deskjet 5850w HP Deskjet 9600 HP Deskjet 9650
HP Deskjet 9670 HP Deskjet 9680 HP 1240 Fax
HP Officejet 4105 HP Officejet 4110 HP Officejet 4110v
HP Officejet 4110xi HP Officejet 4115 HP Officejet 4210
HP Officejet 4211 HP Officejet 4212 HP Officejet 4215
HP Officejet 4215v HP Officejet 4215xi HP Officejet 4219
HP Officejet 4251 HP Officejet 4252 HP Officejet 4255
HP Officejet 4256 HP Officejet 4259 HP Officejet 5505
HP Officejet 5508 HP Officejet 5510 HP Officejet 5510v
HP Officejet 5510xi HP Officejet 5515 HP Officejet 5605
HP Officejet 5608 HP Officejet 5609 HP Officejet 5610
HP Officejet 5610v HP Officejet 5610xi HP Officejet 5615
HP Officejet 5679 HP Officejet 6105 HP Officejet 6110
HP Officejet 6110v HP Officejet 6110xi HP Officejet 6150
HP Officejet J5508 HP Officejet J5520 HP Photosmart 2400
HP Photosmart 2405 HP Photosmart 2410 HP Photosmart 2410v
HP Photosmart 2410xi HP Photosmart 2420 HP Photosmart 2450
HP Photosmart 2500 HP Photosmart 2510 HP Photosmart 2510xi
HP Photosmart 2550 HP Photosmart 7150 HP Photosmart 7155
HP Photosmart 7200 HP Photosmart 7260 HP Photosmart 7260v
HP Photosmart 7260w HP Photosmart 7268 HP Photosmart 7345
HP Photosmart 7350 HP Photosmart 7400 HP Photosmart 7450
HP Photosmart 7450v HP Photosmart 7450xi HP Photosmart 7550
HP Photosmart 7600 HP Photosmart 7655 HP Photosmart 7700
HP Photosmart 7755 HP Photosmart 7760 HP Photosmart 7760v
HP Photosmart 7760w HP Photosmart 7762 HP Photosmart 7762W
HP Photosmart 7900 HP Photosmart 7960 HP Photosmart 7960gp
HP Photosmart 7960v HP Photosmart 7960w HP PSC 1110
HP PSC 1110v HP PSC 1110xi HP PSC 1118
HP PSC 1200 HP PSC 1205 HP PSC 1209
HP PSC 1210 HP PSC 1210v HP PSC 1210xi
HP PSC 1215 HP PSC 1216 HP PSC 1217
HP PSC 1218 HP PSC 1219 HP PSC 1300
HP PSC 1311 HP PSC 1312 HP PSC 1315
HP PSC 1315v HP PSC 1315xi HP PSC 1317
HP PSC 1318 HP PSC 1340 HP PSC 1345
HP PSC 1350 HP PSC 1350v HP PSC 1350xi
HP PSC 1355 HP PSC 2105 HP PSC 2107
HP PSC 2110 HP PSC 2110v HP PSC 2110xi
HP PSC 2115 HP PSC 2150 HP PSC 2170
HP PSC 2171 HP PSC 2175 HP PSC 2175v
HP PSC 2175xi HP PSC 2179 HP PSC 2210
HP PSC 2210v HP PSC 2210xi HP PSC 2310
HP PSC 2405 HP PSC 2410 HP PSC 2410v
HP PSC 2410xi HP PSC 2420 HP PSC 2450
HP PSC 2510 HP PSC 2510xi HP PSC 2550
HP Deskjet 450cbi HP Deskjet 450ci HP Deskjet 450wbt
HP Deskjet 5550w HP Photosmart 7150w HP PSC 1315s

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Tony Jun 21, 2017
Easy website to navigate. Excellent service and prompt delivery. Would highly recommend.
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