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Compatible HP 338 Black Ink Cartridge (CB331EE)

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Compatible HP 338 Black Ink Cartridge (CB331EE) Details

Compatible HP H-338 Black Ink Cartridges is the best solution for cost-efficient bulk printing requirements. It includes compatibility with a wide range of printers and attains a minimal per page cost that guarantees and enhances printing experience. The Black HP H-338 cartridge is a 100% customer's reliable solution for office printing needs. It includes a pixel-rich technology that provides smudge free printing with a high paper yield along with an easy installation process. The H-338 is not just pocket friendly but environment friendly too, ensuring excellent quality for the printouts.

The Compatible HP H-338 Black Ink Cartridges is popular in both home and office environments and has proven to be cost-effective, allowing you to produce high quality and crisp documents and presentations that could help you ace at your meetings or interviews. Order the H-338 at Firstinks and save during checkouts. Our payment gateways accept various debit/credit cards and transactions are fully secured. Firstinks is a leading provider of inks and toners in the UK, ensuring reliability and durability of the products that are delivered to your doorstep.


Capacity11 ml
Product TypeInk Cartridge
BrandFirstInks Compatible HP

This item is guaranteed to work in the following printers

HP Deskjet 460c HP Deskjet 460cb HP Deskjet 460wbt
HP Deskjet 5740 HP Deskjet 5940 HP Deskjet 6520
HP Deskjet 6540 HP Deskjet 6540d HP Deskjet 6620
HP Deskjet 6840 HP Deskjet 6940 HP Deskjet 6980
HP Deskjet 9800 HP Deskjet 9800d HP Officejet 6210
HP Officejet 7210 HP Officejet 7310 HP Officejet 7410
HP Officejet H470 HP Officejet Pro K7100 HP Photosmart 2575
HP Photosmart 2610 HP Photosmart 2710 HP Photosmart 8050XI
HP Photosmart 8150 HP Photosmart 8450gp HP Photosmart 8750
HP Photosmart 8750gp HP Photosmart C3180 HP Photosmart Pro B8350
HP PSC 1510 HP PSC 1613 HP PSC 2355
HP PSC 2355P HP PSC 610 HP Deskjet 5490
HP Deskjet 5743 HP Deskjet 5745 HP Deskjet 5748
HP Deskjet 5793 HP Deskjet 6520 HP Deskjet 6540
HP Deskjet 6543 HP Deskjet 6578 HP Deskjet 6620
HP Deskjet 6623 HP Deskjet 6800 HP Deskjet 6843
HP Deskjet 6940D HP Deskjet 6983 HP Deskjet 9803
HP Deskjet 9860 HP Deskjet D4145 HP Deskjet D4155
HP Deskjet D4160 HP Deskjet D4163 HP Deskjet D4168
HP Officejet 7413 HP Officejet H470 HP Officejet H470B
HP Officejet H470Bt HP Officejet K7100 HP Officejet K7103
HP Officejet K7108 HP Photosmart 1510v HP Photosmart 2570
HP Photosmart 2575v HP Photosmart 2575fn HP Photosmart 2600
HP Photosmart 2605 HP Photosmart 2608 HP Photosmart 2610xi
HP Photosmart 2610v HP Photosmart 2613 HP Photosmart 2615
HP Photosmart 2700 HP Photosmart 2713 HP Photosmart 3194
HP Photosmart 7800 HP Photosmart 7838 HP Photosmart 7850
HP Photosmart 8000 HP Photosmart 8030 HP Photosmart 8039
HP Photosmart C3175 HP Photosmart C3183 HP Photosmart C3185
HP Photosmart C3188 HP Photosmart C3190 HP Photosmart C7800
HP Photosmart C7850 HP Photosmart D5163 HP Photosmart Pro B8330
HP Photosmart Pro B8330 HP Photosmart Pro B8338 HP Photosmart Pro B8339
HP Photosmart Pro B8350 HP Photosmart Pro B8353 HP PSC 1500
HP PSC 1503 HP PSC 1504 HP PSC 1507
HP PSC 1508 HP PSC 1510v HP PSC 1510xi
HP PSC 1600 HP PSC 1603 HP PSC 1605
HP PSC 1610v HP PSC 1610 HP PSC 1610xi
HP PSC 1613 HP PSC 1615 HP Deskjet 460wf
HP Deskjet 6940dt HP Officejet H470WBT HP Photosmart 2575a
HP PSC 1510s HP PSC 2352 HP PSC 2350
HP PSC 2351 HP PSC 2320 HP PSC 2310xi
HP PSC 2310v HP PSC 2306 HP PSC 2305
HP PSC 2355v HP PSC 2353 HP PSC 2358
HP PSC 2357 HP PSC 2355xi HP Deskjet 5740xi
HP Deskjet 6540dt HP Deskjet 6540xi HP Deskjet 6545
HP Deskjet 6548 HP Deskjet 6620xi HP Deskjet 6628
HP Deskjet 6830v HP Deskjet 6848 HP Officejet 100 Mobile
HP Officejet 150 Mobile HP Officejet 6200 HP Officejet 6205
HP Officejet 6213 HP Officejet 6215 HP Officejet 7213
HP Officejet 7310xi HP Officejet 7313 HP Officejet 7410xi
HP Officejet Pro K7103 HP Officejet Pro K7108 HP Photosmart 2575xi
HP Photosmart 2710xi HP Photosmart 8150v HP Photosmart 8150xi
HP Photosmart 8450 HP Photosmart 8450xi HP Photosmart 8453
HP Photosmart 8753 HP Photosmart C3100 HP Photosmart C3110
HP Photosmart C3125 HP Photosmart C3135 HP Photosmart C3140
HP Photosmart C3150 HP Photosmart C3170 HP Photosmart C3173
HP Photosmart C3193 HP Photosmart C3194 HP PSC 1513
HP PSC 1513s HP PSC 2210v HP PSC 2210xi
HP PSC 2310 HP PSC 2410v HP PSC 2410xi
HP PSC 2510xi

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